Friday, August 3, 2012

The bridge

(Rachael Lucas) ABC Gippsland
Yesterday my brother Simon ceremonially cut the ribbon at the official opening of the majestic new Pearson’s Crossing steel suspension bridge across the Thomson River that connects Sale to Wurruk, not too far from Kilmany Park in East Gippsland. This is fitting, because as far as I can tell Simon is the only one of us who currently bears the name of Pearson, viz. Simon Tom Pearson Trumble. I must confess I am envious not to have been able to join the seven other descendants of our pioneering ancestor William Pearson who were also present, together with distinguished representatives of VicRoads (who built it), and members of the council of the City of Sale. Alas, it was just not possible, but somehow I feel I ought to have made a better effort.
(Rachael Lucas) ABC Gippsland

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  1. Looks liked you missed some fun. I'm sure Simon forgives you.