Friday, November 11, 2011

The Finger again

My last book has now appeared in paperback, though only in the United Kingdom. It has this glamorous new cover, but everything else in it is the same. It’s a strange feeling, because it has been so very long since I wrote it, but upon revisiting certain parts I remain satisfied, and occasionally have the satisfactory and somewhat surprising feeling that, you know, this is quite good. The Guardian seems to like it, though they also used the word creepy. The wider critical reception has been mixed, which doesn’t really bother me as it might once have done—because you get better at putting those things in perspective as you get older, and as you write more books. And now, I think, a novel.


  1. and occasionally have the good feeling that, you know, this is quite good. It is.

    Q: Since, unlike most authors, you're a visual type do you get asked/input about the covers and typeface, etc.?

  2. A: Thank you, Grigori. Mostly not about matters relating to the interior book design, unless there is something particular that you have in mind, in which case good publishers will tend to be generous. They also generally ask you to sign off on their proposed choice of cover design, as a matter of courtesy. I have found over the years that it is usually wise to follow their advice about that, and also about the title, because they know what they are doing, and what will best serve the book in the long term.